Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everyday 700 km DX anytime using troposcatter by OZ1RH

Everyday VHF, UHF, and SHF propagation 700 km DX anytime using troposcatter

Palle Preben-Hansen, OZ1RH

If you are you an experienced DX'er you know that most stations work stations 5-800 km away in the VHF/UHF contests regardless of band conditions. How come you can make a 700 km QSO on a dead band?

Are you a FM-freak and gossip through your local repeater? Then you may want to have a range of 3-400 km on 2 meter or 70 cm with simple equipment.

With 10 W SSB on 144 MHz and a 10 dB horizontal antenna the range on troposcatter is over 300 km, much better than a repeater. 100 W SSB and a 15 dB antenna in the clear you make 500+ km anytime. Troposcatter works from 50 MHz to over 10 GHz.

Troposcatter is responsible for most daily QSO's and contest QSO's, but perhaps also the least known propagation. In this lecture troposcatter is examined inside and out, in order for you to learn how to make best use of a propagation, which is always there.

Read more at : http://www.qsl.net/oz1rh/troposcatter99/troposcatter99.htm

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